Variable ND : ND2~ND400 continuous adjustable design allows large apertures under strong lightings, sun-overpowering and exposure-assisted photographing in backlit environments, slow-speed shutter neutralizing ,and other required conditions of photography.
Multi-layer Coatings : Multiple layers of nano coatings which are low-color shifts, anti-reflective, grease-resistant, water-repellent, scratch-proof, and anti-dust.
Refined Polishing : The super refined lens polishing made every single lens’s flatness smaller than 0.16um, hence the impeccable image quality.
Optical Glass Materials : The multi-layer structure of the optical glasses are combined with optical materials via vacuuming in order to prevent penetration of dampness.
Easy Usage : Featured with an excellent damping configuration and easy-to-adjust.
Slim Aluminum Frame : Slim aluminum frame effectively avoid vignetting when using wide lens. The lens cap and hood can be attached.
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Miview VND range from ND2 (-1EV) to ND400 (-8 2/3EV), so even when under the broad day light, long exposures are still feasible, making eliminations of moving images and photographing dream-like ocean waves and images of flowing water doable. Plus, the flexible range also makes it convenient for large-aperture and shallow depth of field photographing.


Testings on Glass Surface Flatness

PV Values : The overall flatness-oriented peak-to-valley ratio
1 wave= 0.6328um

Miview filters can be stacked up to ten pieces per time; images will still be clear even after reflecting through forty optical glasses and twenty layers of optical materials.
(Side note:testing machine resolution ranges between 20 to 22)

Surface water drop contact angle is higher than 110 degree (proof of an excellent waterproof ability), and after a thousand times of abrasion testings, the degree of water drop contact angle is still higher than 100 (proof of an excellent abrasion resistance).

Compression Strength 53.04kgf

The lens cap and hood can be attached.

Filters that pass completely stringent tests

Miview VND filters utilize multi-layer nano coatings even at the internal parts so fine that hardly observable.
Comparing to the world-famous top-tier brands in the world, the optical quality of Miview VND is, in terms of glass surface evenness not any less excellent than German and Japanese well- known brands. The engineer of Miview utilized ten filters to photograph which was consisted of forty pieces of optical glasses and twenty layers of optical materials (linear and circular polarizer) and tested with a standard ISO-12233 resolution pattern,. for which outstanding in sharp- and clearness in resolution is observed as result.









Thickness 7.95mm ( Aluminum )
Reflection <0.6%
Color shift L : 64.48 a : -2.25 b : 5.77
Multiple coating Four sides,total 36 layers
Water drop contact angle >110°
Hardness 7H
Flatness <0.32um
Compression strength 53.04kgf ( ∅82mm )
Passed RoHS 2.0