Multi-layer Coatings : Multiple layers of nano coatings which are low-color shifts, anti-reflective, grease-resistant, water-repellent, scratch-proof, and anti-dust.
Refined Polishing : The super refined lens polishing made every single lens’s flatness smaller than 0.16um, hence the impeccable image quality.
Perfect protection : 100% anti-ultraviolet rays, 99.3% transparency, 9H surface hardness, all of which can perfectly protect the delicate lenses.
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Miview UV filters are able to block out UV rays completely and eliminate the effects caused by invisible lights which can affect the image qualities. The surface coatings are able to enhance transmittance up to 99.3% and to eliminate reflections in the meantime.

This image was photographed with ten pieces of UV filters stacked altogether, and even taken through so many layers of glasses, the details of the furs on the little puppies are still clear, and these are all thanks to the meticulous polishing processes which are so detailedly reflected.


Miview UV filters can be stacked up to ten pieces per time,and images will still be clear.
(Side note:testing machine resolution ranges between 20 to 22)

Surface water drop contact angle is higher than 110 degree (proof of an excellent waterproof ability), and after a thousand times of abrasion testings, the degree of water drop contact angle is still higher than 100 (proof of an excellent abrasion resistance).

Compression Strength>80kgf

 The lens cap and hood can be attached.

Filters that pass completely stringent tests

The whole line of Miview filters all utilize multi-layer nano coatings and feature anti-reflection layers which are able to prevent glares. In the meantime, the UV filter feature multiple merits such as anti-grease, highly hydrophobic, anti-dust, and etc., which benefit the users in that they greatly diminish the frequencies of cleaning and wiping ─ all users have to do for daily care of the product is to blow off the dusts on the surface of the lens with a dust blower.
Comparing the internationally well-known brands, Miview filters series are still spectacularly outstanding, as in terms of glass surface flatness which dictates the high definition of sharpness of images; Miveiw filters are greatly excellent judging from this aspect and totally surpass the qualities of the German and Japanese top brands; even when stacked with ten pieces of filters for an ISO-12233 resolution testing, the images remain impeccable sharp and clear. The super thin frames are fit for all kinds of wide-angle lenses so that users do not need to fear for forming the vignetting.









Thickness 5mm ( Aluminum )
Reflection <0.76%
Color shift L : 99.39 a : -0.19 b : 0.1
Multiple coating Two sides,total 62 layers
Water drop contact angle >110°
Hardness 9H
Flatness <0.16um
Compression strength >80kgf ( ∅82mm )
Passed RoHS 2.0