Eliminations of Reflections : Effectively eliminates reflections and glares and enhances contrast and saturation.
Multi-layer Coatings : Multiple layers of nano coatings which are low-color shifts, anti-reflective, grease-resistant, water-repellent, scratch-proof, and anti-dust.
Refined Polishing : The super refined lens polishing made every single lens’s flatness smaller than 0.16um, hence the impeccable image quality.
Optical Glass Materials : The multi-layer structure of the optical glasses are combined with optical materials via vacuuming in order to prevent penetration of dampness.
Easy Usage : Featured with an excellent damping configuration and easy-to-adjust.
Slim Aluminum Frame : Slim aluminum frame effectively avoid vignetting when using wide lens. The lens cap and hood can be attached.
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Turning the polarization angle can eliminate the reflections on the surfaces of waters or glasses. Miview CPL utilizes multiple-layered optical glasses which are delicately refined which can eliminate reflections and maintain delicate qualities of images.



Miview CPL could avoid the surface reflections of glass. Low color shift makes the pictures more realistic.It also could improve contrast and saturation.


Surface water drop contact angle is higher than 110 degree (proof of an excellent waterproof ability), and after a thousand times of abrasion testings, the degree of water drop contact angle is still higher than 100 (proof of an excellent abrasion resistance).

Compression Strength>80kgf

The lens cap and hood can be attached.

Filters that pass completely stringent tests

Miview CPL filter was made with multi-layer nano coatings, which makes it superbly water-repellent, the water drop contact angle is above 110 degrees and, even when polished over a thousand times of abrasion testings, it still maintains an over 100 degree of water drop contact angle, which is an obvious proof the excellent durability of the coatings which are able to withstand the most strict testings. Other than its quality hydrophobicity, the CPL filter also features multiple merits, including anti-grease, anti-static electricity, anti-finger printing, anti-dust, and etc., which creases the frequency of cleaning (users only need to blow off the dusts off of the surfaces of the filters for daily care of the products).
Besides, Miview filters all have been tested through strong compression-resistance standard; its structures are firmly durable and with its super thin aluminum frames are fit for wide-angle lenses, which can prevent of forming the vignetting . The double-sided multiple-layer coatings enhance the qualities of produced images. All Miview filters are able to fit with the OEM-produced lens caps which are convenient for users to protect the lenses and filters.









Thickness 6.5mm ( Aluminum )
Reflection <0.64%
Color shift L : 64.21 a : -1.5 b : 3.43
Multiple coating Two sides,total 18 layers
Water drop contact angle >110°
Hardness 7H
Flatness <0.16um
Compression strength >80kgf ( ∅82mm )
Passed RoHS 2.0