Miview—a new professional camera filter brand made by Taiwan has been born! Owing to Microview, a company with over ten years of experiences in optical glass and optoelectronics manufacturing, the products of the newly released brand are not only economic but also outstanding in quality, allowing photography lovers to create perfect works even more easily. Right upon its launch on the market, multiple eye-catching products have also come into the eye of the general public, one of them being the main product Miview CND which was named after the most frequently used CPL (Circular Polarizer) and VND (Variable Neutral Density Filter) , added with the unique two-in-one design, it allows users to easily create a work that touching to the soul.

CPL+VND Makes Photography more effective

2 in 1 Design Is More Convenient and Economic

During the process of photographing, one must face the situations where lights and shadows shift swiftly, thus making time a key factor. This design can make photographing hassle free and lets you handle problems about polarization and density neutralizing all at once, allowing you to create perfect works. What’s more important is that the price is also a bonus─the filters are much more economic to compared to those non-two-in-one CPL and VND, and this is also another luring factor of the Miview CND.

Superior Flatness Improve Sharpness

VND Range From -1EV to -5EV

Aside from choosing high-quality optical glasses as the core materials, Miview emphasizes even more on the polishing and refining processes of the glasses. And even though qualities of all filters have been emphasized as made of high-class glass materials, the real key lies in the polishing and refining processes; it is clear to tell from the data collected after the flatness testing done by using a interferometer─the Miview CND has performed even better than those made by the well-known German and Japanese brands .

Aside from using polarizing coating materials with excellent effects which can effectively eliminate the flares and glares from materials and objects such as glasses and water surfaces, the filters also make colors even more saturated; such as the sky even bluer, and the flowers even more vibrant.The Miview CND features user-friendly markings for its density neutralizing function which allows users to handle the intervals of ND even more precisely. In the meantime, the product is set up with a default range of ND to avoid the annoying cross pattern problem.  The non-length design allows users to easily scroll the lenses around at their will, and with the ND range ranging from ND2 to ND32 (also known as -1 to -5EV), users can easily capture the image of time flowing and be able to photograph with large apertures even under strong lightings.

Multi-layer Nano Coatings

Extreme Optical Quality

The Miview CND utilizes the multi-layer nano coatings which have the features of anti-grease, water-repellent, anti-elastic electricity, and etc.. Being anti-dust makes it easy to clean, and with the anti-reflection layer on the surface of it, image qualities will not be affected by improper reflections. The water drop contact angle is larger than 110 degrees and with an excellent water resistance, and even after a thousand times of abrasion testings, the degree is still higher than 100. The lenses feature high-resolution restoring feature; Miview stacked 10 pieces of filters to do the most stringent testing, after a resolution testing on the pattern, the details of the image were still clear as crystal. Other than the innovative CND products, Miview also produces UV filters, CPLs, VNDs, and other products. The whole series of products all feature supreme surface flattness and high-quality multi-layer nano coatings. Still, the company’s actively developing other products to satisfy the needs of photography lovers, look forward to it!

Miview’s products are now available on Amazon. In order to draw a larger attention to the new brand, we have offered relatively low prices for all costumers. Please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072MZCCX6 if you’re interested.