The brand Miview was actually founded by the opto-electronics company Microview which is a foundry company for all kinds of international consumer electronics brands and owns over ten years of experiences in opto-electronics and optical glass manufacturing. After years and years of continuous efforts on bettering the manufacturing processes while holding self-expectations, they company held up a down-to-earth business culture that focuses on crafting qualities and has invested whole-heartedly in the developments and research of filter products in hopes for creating perfect filter products for all photography lovers all over the world. In this era of high-resolution plus high-pixel products, filter products must be enhanced in able to keep up with the trend. Miview does not only keep on bettering on the optical qualities but also thinks highly on the product designs in order to provide even more convenient to use filters to consumers.
The year of 2017 is the year that Miview official makes its entrance onto the market, but earlier, the company has already invested multipled years of investing resources, and when the products hadn’t reached perfection, it did not rush into throwing the brand onto the market, but instead, continued to enhance and better the qualities in hopes that all photography lovers will be greatly satisfied with the design and quality performances when they actually get their hands on the products. The company also seeks to make consumers feel the accumulative efforts it’s been making and the “take non chances” spirit behind it in order for the products to receive the best possible reactions from all potential/consumers.